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 Competitive Intelligence Matrix Analysis

Quantitative Matrix (Ranking)

How many, how often and where.  What do you know about your competitors¡¯ strategy?

Having the answers to the following questions will provide insight into your competitors¡¯ strategy and assist in your own planning, whether you want to simply keep pace or dominate the space.

  1. What social media channels are your
    competitors using?

  2. Are your competitors expending more
    effort in social media channels or are
    they in a declining pattern?

  3. How many are following their tweets?

  4. How many blogs have been written?

  5. How many Facebook likes do your    
    competitors have and how much    

  6. How do your competitors compare to
    one another and to your company?


This is not a computer-generated approach. Our evaluations, both objective and subjective are created by marketing and media professionals with a wealth of experience and depth of knowledge of business categories and industries.

This is the quantitative side of our Social Media Dynamics Evaluation Matrix.  When combined with the Content evaluation, you have a clear and actionable vision of your competitors and how your company compares. 

A simple form is filled out listing top competitors you are seeking information on and an understanding of their social media marketing activities. Social Media Dynamics takes it from there providing quantitative and qualitative analysis.   

The bottom-line is where is your company positioned in social media.  Social media is no longer a question of if, it is question of how much.

  • So how much is enough for your company? 

  • What is your competitive ranking?

  • Where are your opportunities?

  • Where should you increase your activities?

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Jan Carroza

Sharon Hill

How can you be making decision regarding social media presence, spending and resources if you do not have a handle on the competitive landscape.  The answer is:  You can't.

Qualitive Matrix (Content)

How does your social media activity stack up?

Judging the impact and results of social media involves taking a look at the softer, more subjective side as well as a quantitative side. While you can track followers, messages, answers and interactions, reviewing the nature of those connections reveals more of the perceived value by the audience. Evaluation can lead to decisions on ways to increase and improve interactions, leading to greater social media success.

When evaluating social media presence, it¡¯s important to examine content across a variety of perspectives for both your company and your competition.

From a top level view to a deep dive into the details, we can develop a good profile of your current use of your assets and the same for your competition. Regular interpretive study of an evaluation provides fodder for future direction and possible course correction. 

Our analyses provide recommendations for next steps to engage your prospects and customers and manage your reputation.

Here are some elements to consider:

  • What are the different venues where you and your competition participate?
  • How many different representatives are speaking for the company? Are the messages appropriate?
  • What are the strategies of these messages?
  • Are they focused?
  • We examine qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of social media activities.
Here are some of the components that are considered:

  • The frequency of new fresh content
  • The amount of interaction
  • The ratio of messages that pitch products/services to the amount of content that is helpful, educational, sharing and supportive
  • The amount of activity
  • The quality of content
  • The variety of content
  • The depth of the expertise in the content
  • The substance and detail
  • The value of the content to the audience
  • The reaction to content by the audience

Evaluation can include industry trade association, publications, vendors, strategic partners and customers as well as competition in order to learn from other industry leaders.


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